Bead Records is thrilled to announce the release of Tern’s debut CD ‘In Air’.

Philipp Wachsmann – violin/electronics
Martin Hackett – Korg MS10
Emil Karlsen – drums

Tern met in 2019 recognising in each other a commonality of approach to improvisation, based on each musician’s concern with the expressive physicality of their instrument’s sound. Their debut ‘In Air’ was recorded on two different occasions, ‘In Air studio’ 1,2 and 3 was captured at Wachsmann’s home studio prior to a concert in Oxford December 2019. ‘Sounds Like This Leeds’ 1 and 2 was documented in Leeds just weeks before the world shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The concert was very well received, and Bead Records is proud to announce their debut album ‘In Air’ which will be out 5th July as a download/CD.

They reveal a vast palette of colour as they dance between the darkest shadows and the most vivid and dazzling light. This is fine music for all the senses.” — Dr Paul Abbott, Artistic Director, Sounds Like THIS Festival

about the music:

For me, the instrumentation is unusual as is the relationship each musician has evolved with his instrument. Martin’s analogue electronics takes off into a wide range of emotions from the quasi vocal to abstraction, the unhuman and mechanical to personal expression, fluency with control, articulation, process and surprise. Emil uses space in a different way, as in his solo work, sensitive, subtle, creating colour, projecting spatially in addition to interactions that one might expect from sources of percussion. As for myself, am focussing more recently on the violin as an instrument, as well as an object in its own right, the human embodied as well as potential for athletic narrative. A kind of freedom to be and to do. I value the way that the three spaces of each musician come together and interact to create a sound landscape to which the listener joins completing the fourth space.”

-Philipp Wachsmann (01/07-22)

‘In Air’ will be available Tuesday 5th July. More info to follow soon.